Aikido Nomad Lithuania/Germany seminar in AikidoSiauliai (Dodžo)

Renginys vyks: 2017-09-15 18:00 Rūdės g. 27G, II a., Šiauliai, Šiaulių apskritis

In our yearly tradition this time the Nomad Lithuania/Germany Aikido seminar will be happening in AikidoSiauliai (Dodžo) Dojo in Lithuania, Siauliai in September 15-17. Seminar will be lead by four special Senseis: Michael Skotnik (4th Dan/Germany), Gunter Heinz (3rd Dan/Germany), Jochen Rester (2nd Dan/Germany) and Rokas Leonavicius (2nd Dan/Germany). We will offer more information as our seminar comes closer, yet now is your chance to book your flights and start getting ready! More information:


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